Online Business Start-Up – When Persistence Isn’t Optional

Online Business Start-Up – When Persistence Isn’t Optional

There is no other way to do business other than purposefully, with organization and persistence. Persistence doesn’t just mean keep it up as often as you can. It also doesn’t just mean even working consistently no matter what. It also majorly involves having patience!

It’s ironic that sometimes the people who really do work so hard when they first start out, do expect direct, almost instant results; but believe it or not it is not at all realistic. Developing a business is a process that involves time. People are accustomed to seeing direct compensation as part of a workforce where they are paid for performance + time. Of course in the end the results ($) will always be the purpose of business; but it is a process that takes time when you are building your own business from the ground up – it is very different from having a job. But that should be ok, because it is FOR YOU – what time and effort you invest is for YOUR benefit not somebody elses company.

No matter how hard some people work at their own brand new business, they haven’t got any patience with the process. It seems that the harder they work the less patience they have. Patience is a very necessary component of Persistence! Developing an Internet marketing and sales business is not mechanical, where everything is logical and fits together and when your work is done, it works and you can see it (and ‘take it to the bank’)!

It is sad to see the new ones who are trying too hard and just going around in circles; and then they start spinning their wheels. They get burned out, they get broke, they get disillusioned, skeptical and discouraged. Because they don’t have patience, faith and focus,instead they get in a big rush; and of course in part this is because money is really coming out of their pockets and none is returning YET. It’s just human nature to want to see results!

It is just the fact that there is no true ‘magic sauce’ for instant wealth without work. All of the people that you hear about that are making big dollars on the Internet are W-O-R-K-I-N-G and they have ‘paid their dues'; … and if they are persistent and patient, eventually they will turn the corner to finally get to the money! (they can “pass go AND collect dollars”). ;) This is when you see the real pictures of sports cars and true testimonials from the ones that have made it come true – and can relax a little and enjoy their gains.

THEN they can say ‘it’s easy’ – I am rocking on the beach, cruising in my car, loving life and raking in the money while I sleep! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s ‘Autopilot’! And it really can be that way for you too – for anyone that is willing to learn, follow directions and work — and then “wash, rinse and repeat” for as long as it takes. If they PERSIST in moving in a straight line (FOCUSED) and keep pushing in the right direction, they will get to ‘Easy Street’ – it’s just up the road a piece!

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