Is There Really ‘EZ’,’Fast’ Cash or ‘Profit’ Online?

Is There Really ‘EZ’,’Fast’ Cash or ‘Profit’ Online?

The short answer is it is all subjective like anything else – ThereĀ 

are degrees of ‘EZ’ or ‘Fast’, which would be interpreted
differently by many people in many individual ways – from wherever
they sit. So we have to keep that in mind before we judge. What do
they mean by ‘EZ’ (‘autopilot’, ‘automated’, ‘push-button’)? …
and what exactly does that mean to us if we are looking for a
legitimate home business opportunity? What will we have to do to
bring our skill and/or experience level up to par in order to be
able to do that program or business?

Likely we will want to do it quickly and easily – and those who
have previous experience with using a PC, using the Internet, and
even marketing and sales have ‘a leg up’ in that they will be able
to pick it right up when they see instructions for navigating
various websites and services. All have the advantage in learning
how to function using Internet marketing tools and resources if
they are doing simple things like connecting to the Internet,
sending and receiving emails, shopping, banking, and doing research
in the search engines for any reason. It all counts as experience.

How fast is ‘Fast’? Days? Weeks? Months? The short answer there is
nobody knows the future and being that there are many variables,
there isn’t even an ‘average’ time. It is humorous that typical
Internet marketing hype says wealth can be ‘instant’ in the opening
remarks — yet then if it is a legitimate program, they will
usually have a story about struggling for years to get somewhere.
They are completely candid about it not being a cake-walk; and
many may honestly say exactly how they were able to achieve what
they have done. It was tough but it was well worth it. Taking the
actions they did worked eventually and they saw real tangible
results and they took it to the bank.

The reality of the struggle to start a business often falls on deaf
ears when people do not want to hear this, because they want to
think they can have wealth without work – They want to know the
secret sauce! The mystery catalyst that they can get too! All very
dramatic! They can even imagine that the ‘guru’ will do everything
for them.

Suddenly knowing his secrets will not suffice! Accepting free
trials and free offers is an entitlement to expect magic next! This
could be that the ‘guru’ is expected to work for nothing now since
they already made their money and do everything for the new member.
The training is available if that is included, but they would
rather have mentoring for free 24/7 and may not even attempt to
follow directions. True it would be ideal, but how could anybody
make a living if they were spending every hour mentoring for free?
Who would pay their bills?

It is good if we actually do our due diligence and not just ‘fly by
night': Find out what will be required before we make a commitment
or during the trial period. We shouldn’t look at the trial period
as merely a good thing because it is free. It really is our
opportunity to ‘kick the tires’ and see exactly what is involved
and to determine whether we are willing to ‘stay the course’.
Otherwise we will waste time and money and not achieve our goals in
the long-run.

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